My sister was auditing a company in Arizona and staying in a fancy resort, and she flew me down to stay with her for a bit. The buildings were cool, I took a ton of pictures and drew a bunch while I was there. I think I'll use them for a future project. The resort had a pool bar, which was really cool until a spoiled rich kid splashed pool water in my drink. It was a great little vacation. Here are some of my sketches:
These are from the summer of 2017, from my two trips out to BC to stay in a "little cabin by the lake" (bigger than our house) and from bouldering in Kananaskis with my friends. Some of these were done in a car, and not just these next few quick ones.
Whoah, paint.
This one was done next to a cornfield in the states on my way to Cleveland. I was drying my swim trunks on the roof of the car while sketching and lost them to the freeway. 
Back to BC and bouldering.
This next one is a boulder my friends and I climbed a bunch. The side I'm drawing had some easy routes for me to practice while my more experienced friends did more difficult routes on the other side.
Swimming in this lake was the coldest thing I've ever experienced.
I drew this one in the car, and added some colors digitally because I liked it.
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